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Unveil secrets to increase brand visibility, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales Ezist isn’t just for end users. It also provides a number of advantages for product manufacturers looking to get in touch with customers, improve their customer service, and of course – upsell the right product to the right customer.
Service Providers

Service Providers

Best platform for efficiently connecting with customers. Think end users are the only people that benefit from Ezist? Think again! If you sell product services, our platform carries a number of advantages for you too! It’s a great way to get in front of more customers, improve your brand image, and outperform your competition.

Here's how Ezist can benefit you

Store and share essential product details for items like cars, laptops, and valuable possessions to avoid such mishaps.
Unexpected Repair Issue
Describes a situation where a car or laptop breaks, and a replaced part malfunctions, causing an immediate return to the service center, resulting in unexpected expenses due to forgetting the warranty.
Frustration and Realization
Highlights the frustration of forgetting the warranty and the relatable realization of having missed a crucial detail when faced with additional expenses.
Suggestion for Solution
Proposes the idea of saving comprehensive product details, including warranties, for various valuable items like cars, mobile devices, or any expensive possessions owned, and advocates for sharing this information with family members to prevent similar forgetful instances and financial hassles in the future.

This is where Ezist comes in...

Our platform sends timely reminders about warranty expiration of cars, phones, laptops, television, smart watches, and other products you own.
More than that, the manufacturers of the products you own can directly send you valuable information such as recalls, latest updates, and discounts, among others through Ezist.
We are working rigorously to build more features that make your life comfortable, and we aim to become an essential tool in your day-to-day activities.


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